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What is Point-of-Sale Display? And how can it promote your products and grow your business?
Article Added 10/01/2013

What is point of sale display?

Point of Sale display, also known as POS, is a type of sales promotion found near the “point of sale” in shops, retail stores and checkout counters. These promotions are designed to attract attention to specific products, offers, events and seasonal promotions.

Typical POS display items may include FSDU's, counter dispensers, leaflet dispensers, floor graphics, wobblers and shelf talkers.

For example; At checkout areas, common products that may utilise POS in the form of a card or correx FSDU (free standing display unit) are batteries, soft drinks, chewing gum, magazines. Companies also use POS to dispense brochures and literature.

In smaller retail outlets, POS displays are normally supplied by the manufacturer or distributer of a produce. In larger outlets, such as supermarkets and national department stores, point of sale display items are normally taken care of ‘in-house’, preferring to use their own branding whilst keeping control of their corporate identities.

Since 1979, Daytona Visual has become a market leader in the design, print, production and fulfillment of POS display in the UK.

For more information on POS display please call 01827 54551.

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